Cash for Keys Auto Loans!

AJ’s Super Pawn is now offering our convenient “Cash for Keys” auto loan program. Drive your car in and have one of our trained associates appraise it and give you a cash loan on your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or more!
We will store your vehicle, up to 5 months, until you pay back your loan and drive off into the sunset! It’s as easy as that! You will only need a California DL or ID card, Current Registration, and the Pink Slip (title) to your vehicle. Due to legal constraints, the name of the borrower must appear on the title of the vehicle.
**AJ’s does not offer “Title Loans”, and we must store the vehicle on one of our secured, fenced parking areas. (Nominal Monthly Storage fees apply)**
Due to the nature of vehicles, loan amounts will vary based on year, make, model, condition, mileage, accessories and upgrades. Some Vehicle models are more Desirable than others, and will fetch higher loan values.
Drive your car in today!! (Just make sure you have a ride home!)

Car Pawn vs. Car Title Loans

Thinking about getting a Title Loan on your Vehicle? Maybe you should think again.

Car Title Loans can be VERY Expensive! The Average APR on a Car TITLE LOAN is around 300%!!

On the other hand, a PAWN loan on a Car, with AJ’s “Cash for Keys” Pawn Loan program, can have an APR as low as 24% plus fees and storage! Why pay more than TEN TIMES as much, when you are already in need of money to begin with? If you own your car outright, a Car PAWN is MUCH more economical option than a Title Loan.

The AJ’s “Cash for Keys” Advantage:

  • Ultra Low APR rates, compared to other lending options.
  • Convenient 5 Month loan terms, with the option to receive a new loan upon maturity date, with no Additional fees!
  • Safe, Secure Storage of your vehicle.
  • No Limitations on the amount borrowed. You can borrow as low as $100 if you want to, compared to a Minimum $2500 Loan (if your vehicle even qualifies) on MOST Title Loans.
  • Come on in, or call to see If your vehicle qualifies for our “Cash for Keys” Loan Program!


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